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Motor Trend reviews the 2010 Kia Soul where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Find local 2010 Kia Soul prices.

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Home | SG Kia Club Need any help or information on your Kia Ride? Check out with our Exclusive Sponsor - Harmony Motors!

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Kia Sportage SUV review (2010-2016) | Auto Express Stylish looks, a seven-year warranty and great-value price tag make the Kia Sportage a desirable crossover

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Vehicle load limit - Driving your vehicle - Kia Soul. Tire and loading information label The label located on the driver's door sill gives the original tire size, cold tire pressures recommended for your vehicle, the.

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Kia Warranty and Consumer Information Manual Find important information on all warranties for new Kia vehicle with Kia's warranty and consumer information manual.

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KIA Models - Kia Forum Discussion area for the first generation Kia Amanti and Kia Opirus!

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Polska instrukcja obsługi - Forum Kia Sportage. Męcząc się w oczekiwaniu na dostawę zamówionej KIA Sportage chętnie poczytałbym jej instrukcję obsługi. Ze zrozumiałych względów najciekawsza byłaby dla.

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Kia Sorento - Wikipedia Debuting in 2002, the first generation Sorento was a traditional truck-based body-on-frame SUV. All American Sorentos also came with dual front airbags and dual side.

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Kia Sportage Accessories & Parts - Kia Sportage Accessories and Parts: Dash Kits, Push Bars, Billet Grilles, Running Boards, Chrome Car Trim, Covers For Car, Car Body Kits, Floor Mats, Trunk Mats.